Rotary STARS

Turn into Quilt Tops

Enough Quilt Blocks were handmade by members of the Rotarian Fellowship of Quilters and Fiber Artists to make 2 large queen sized quilts for the L.A. Convention in June 2008.  After the convention the quilts will be used as fundraisers.  This is truly an International endeavor, with quilt blocks contributed by members from Australia, Canada, England, Germany, India, and all over the United States.  There is even one block made in honor of Young Ja Lee, wife of 2008-09 RI President D.K. Lee.

The photos here show the assembly of the quilt blocks into the 2 quilt tops which will be machine quilted.  In February 2008, Diana Barden and Kathy Herder were invited to the Palm Springs, California home of member Cheryl Minshew to make one of the quilts.  The second quilt is being constructed with the expert hands of Phyllis Giersch in her home in Madera, California USA.

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January 30, 2008 - Phyllis's wall of quilt blocks is growing.

Good grief! Where do we start!

Kathy and Diana took half the quilt blocks received to the home of Cheryl Minshew in Palm Springs CA, USA

Kathy and Cheryl arrange the blocks on a makeshift flannel wall.

Stand back and take a look.

Cheryl starts cutting and squaring up blocks.

Diana starts stitching.

Cheryl has to make a few adjustments.

To the local quilt store we go to buy sashing fabric.

After a tough day in the quilt store, we enjoy a great dinner in downtown Palm Springs.

Along with the trip comes a little sightseeing.

Here's Elvis Presley's Star on the walk of fame.

Diana chats with Lucille Ball.

More shopping!

Famous Palm Springs former resident, Bob Hope, gets a star.

Kathy & Diana pose with Sonny Bono (Sonny & Cher), former Mayor of Palm Springs.

Laying out the strips of sashing between the rows.

Star sashing joins the blocks together.

Close up of the sashing work.

Time to take a break and enjoy a glass of wine in the California sunshine.

This is the beautiful view from the patio of Cheryl's condo.

Cheryl cuts the borders.

Kathy starts adding the borders.

Diana does the pressing.

The first border is on.

Now the second border of blue background with gold stars is finished.


After a couple of fun filled days, it's time for Diana and Kathy to pack up and say farewell to Cheryl.

We took the scenic tour home passing this field of windmills.

Beautiful rock formations.

Beautiful blue skies and cloud formations.

Desolate California desert.

Back home in Madera, Phyllis starts to work on quilt 2.

A beautiful assortment of patterns.

Another angle of the blocks on Phyllis's quilt wall.

Hope you have found your block in one of these views.

This is the fabric Phyllis chose for the sashing corners and for one of the borders.

This is the material that is used for the sashing and will also make a border.

Phyllis cuts the pieces.

and sews them together.

Here is a glimpse of "unfinished" quilt 2. Phyllis is working to complete the sashing and borders and then will have it machine quilted.