Dear RFQFA Members:
The attached note was sent to Rotarian Charlie Clemmons PDG from Seabrook, Texas, USA thanking us for donated quilts sent for AIDS orphans in Johannesburg.  The majority of the quilts were donated on our behalf by Terry Hodskins and Wrap-A-Smile.
Charlie stopped by our booth at the SLC convention and had a nice visit with RFQFA member Cheryl Minshew.
Charlie says, I know its been a long time since you sent the beautiful children's quilts.  It has been longer than we had hoped to open the Rotary Humanatarian Center in Johannesburg, but its open now.  Attached are pictures of your quilts in the hands of some AIDS orphans in the downtown area of Johannesburg.  Your work and gifts were appreciated very much.  The picture of three people are myself, Barb, and Penny Olgesby of the Rosemont Rotary Club, D9300 who will supervise the distribution and usage of your quilts.  I will forward her email (See attached).
On behalf of the children - THANK YOU!"
Charlie Clemmons, PDG


Good afternoon Charles and Barb


I am writing this back at my desk just after your visit to Christchurch Christian Care Centre. I hope you had a good conducted tour of the Centre.

 It was a pleasure to meet you and once again our thanks to you and the Quilters for the beautiful quilts.

The kids and babies will be soo warm and cosy for our soon to arrive chilly winter.

A remark that you made, Barb, really made me sit up and think – you said” we do not have any orphans” Oh how I wish that were true in this country.

I feel that the number of orphans is really on the increase and finding them all homes or places of safety is a huge problem. We seem to call our orphans –

“sibling run “households and the older children are becoming the parents – all due to the spreading of Aids.

When will it ever end and when can our children have a childhood – and a future?

Anyway we help where we can and a lot of thanks must go to our overseas clubs who help us all out in so many ways.

I hope you enjoyed your trip over here and will take home more happy memories of the country and its people.

Yours in Rotary

Pennie Oglesby

Ann President Rosebank Rotary Anns.